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Reason To Do Preventative Maintenance

As we quickly approach the winter season, homeowners will soon be switching their thermostats from "COOL" to "HEAT". Most of the time, a well-maintained furnace should kick on with no problem and the temperature inside your home should rise to a warm 70+ degrees (depending on what you set it at). For those who don't regularly service their furnace or do preventative maintenance, two situations may occur; both resulting in spending $$$. The first, and better of the 2 situations, is that you might find that your furnace might simply need a cleaning and some parts replaced. Worst case scenario, you might need a whole new furnace; costing you even more money. This is never a good thing, especially with the winter holidays just around the corner. In order to prevent yourself from being in this situation, here are 5 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD DO PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE.

1. Professionals will be able to identify/solve any lingering problems that your furnace or A/C might have and prevent you from having future problems down the road; which can be much more costly.

2. A well-maintained furnace and A/C will run more efficiently, consume less energy, and put more money back in your pocket.

3. Regular inspections of your furnace and A/C decreases the chances of them breaking down at the most inconvenient times. (Ex. Cold Winters, Hot Summers, Around the Holiday, etc...)

4. Maintenance agreements will allow the homeowner to have one less thing on their mind and schedule service calls around their schedule saving them time.

5. Simply put, preventative maintenance will give your furnace and A/C a longer lifespan; which is always the best-case scenario!

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