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Fall Preventative Maintenance

Fall is quickly approaching, which means cooler temperatures are headed our way (even though that is hard to believe right now). Cooler temperatures outside mean warmer temperatures now is a good time to ask yourself: is my furnace ready? The way to know for sure is to schedule your fall preventative maintenance for your system. By doing this, you are setting your system up for success!

When you give us a call to schedule, be sure to ask about our Sloderbeck Service Agreement (we call this our SSA membership). This ensures that twice a year, we will reach out to YOU to schedule your spring and fall preventative maintenance check-ups. The stress of you having to remember to call and schedule goes right out the window. By becoming a SSA member, you will save some cash and be worry free as the seasons change.

You might be wondering why preventive maintenance is so important for your system? Your heating and cooling system is just like anything else you own: it needs to be taken care of. Think of your car….whenever your “check engine” light comes on, chances are, you take your car to the shop to address the problem and prevent damage. Unfortunately, HVAC systems aren’t something the average person thinks about daily, which makes it easy to forget about your system until an issue arises. That is why preventive maintenance is crucial! During these check-ups, our technicians will ensure that your system is running efficiently and is ready for the change of season. If there are any concerns, our technicians will address them with the customer immediately.

To get your preventative maintenance scheduled and/or to learn more about becoming a Sloderbeck Service Agreement Member, please call: 317-804-2145.

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